Rolfing Structural Integration

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida P Rolf, Rolfing Structural Integration (SI) is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, fascia, that permeate the entire body.

More than fifty years ago, Dr. Rolf recognized that the body is inherently a system of seamless networks of tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. These connective tissues surround, support and penetrate all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Rolfing SI works on this web-like complex of connective tissues to release, realign, and balance the whole body.

The Rolfing SI process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, thus enhancing postural efficiency and freedom of movement. How this is done can be summed up in three words: palpation, differentiation, and integration. Rolfers palpate, or touch the tissue, feeling for imbalances in tissue texture, quality and temperature to determine where work is needed. Then we differentiate, or separate fascial layers that have been pulled out of position by strain or injury. Finally, we integrate the different segments of the body, illustrating their synergistic relationships.

In addition to our skill as structural integrators, we are also educators. In each session, Rolfers seek to increase the client’s awareness and understanding of his or her body, helping the client to make the work we do their own. Our job is to make the Rolfer obsolete, by empowering our clients to take charge of their own physical and emotional health.

People seek Rolfing SI as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve performance in their professional and daily activities. Rolfing SI has the ability to dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure and can resolve discomfort, release tension and alleviate pain. Athletes, dancers, children, business professionals, and people from all walks of life have benefited from Rolfing SI.

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