Dave Sobel

“It’s finally like I can stand up totally straight without “forcing” myself to do it. Wow. There are no words to describe the relief.  Thank you!”   – Allison



Using gentle and highly effective manual therapy techniques, Dave works to restore his clients’ sense of well being by relieving their pain and increasing their ability to move more freely. Applying his keen sense of balance and kinesiology (informed by lifelong practices of swimming, martial arts, meditation and playing drums), Dave enhances his clients’ comprehension and performance of more functional movement to maximize the benefits of Rolfing SI.

His practice is comprised of a diverse clientele including professional athletes, sports hobbyists, accident victims, musicians, dancers and children seeking to improve their varied circumstances.

Dave began his practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist with a focus on clients suffering from chronic pain. He quickly observed how the clients’ understanding and practice of functional movement could produce lasting relief from their pain. Because of its focus on the body’s function as well as its structure, Rolfing SI was a logical progression for Dave and he received his certification from the Rolf Institute in 2010.

Dave lives in New Orleans, LA with his wife, Jenny, and their son, Hawkins.

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