Single Sessions:

Single sessions can be useful to address specific issues or to determine whether Rolfing SI is right for you. However, the true goal of Rolfing SI is to balance the whole body in the field of gravity. This cannot be achieved in a single session.

The Rolfing®  Ten Series:

The goals of Rolfing SI are initially and most effectively addressed through the Ten-Series. Dr. Rolf described this process as one session divided into ten pieces. Each session builds on the work of the previous and prepares the body for the next.

The superficial sessions (1-3) address the outer fascial “wrapping” and prepare the body for changes. The core sessions (4-7) address the source(s) of primary structural patterns. The integrative sessions (8-10) assimilate the changes that have occurred and help you carry these structural changes into optimal and efficient function.

Post-Ten Sessions:

After the ten series, you may return for Post-Ten sessions at a frequency relative to your needs. It is common for clients to return for 3-5 “tune-up” sessions per year. Athletes or laborers who put extra demand on their structure, or those who are experiencing chronic challenges, may benefit from more frequent sessions.

Whether you complete one session or the full series, you will leave with a new level of awareness, efficiency of movement, and performance.

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