“It’s finally like I can stand up totally straight without “forcing” myself to do it. Wow. There are no words to describe the relief!!!  Thank you!!”

Allison, Orthodontist, age 38

“I was very impressed with Dave’s knowledge of the body and techniques to improve postural imbalances. Through the Rolfing SI session, I became more aware of my posture and was able to sense the changes in tissue length and weight bearing through my lower extremities. The process was very interactive, and he continuously reassessed the effectiveness of his treatment throughout the session. I was very pleased with the treatment and would highly recommend a session with Dave.”

Terese, Physical Therapist, age 44

“I spend about half of my year traveling, so when the pain in my rotator cuff became so bad that I could no longer reach the airplane overhead compartment, I resigned myself to rotator cuff surgery, which is when my daughter recommended I consult Dave. After the first visit I was using my arm again with only moderate discomfort. A week later, after the second visit, the pain was gone.  Now, two years later, I’m still pain free!”

– Brod, Children’s Author, age 63

“When I am broken I go see Dave and he fixes me. I played football for 18 years and have neck and lower back issues and I truly believe Dave’s work has a positive effect on how I feel everyday.”

– Jason, Real Estate Investor/Wood Worker, age 37

“As a 55 year old woman with chronic lower back pain, Rolfing SI has made me feel more in control when I move, and has helped to alleviate that constant fear of hurting my back. Thank you, Dave.”

– Margot, Retired Medical Technologist, age 55

“I have had a lot of 60 minute massages in my life and what Dave was able to do in just 20 minutes of tissue work was extremely impressive.  He is an extremely caring and effective teacher.”

– Chep, Business Owner, age 44

“I suffered from a lot of pain in my upper back and neck for months.  I tried massage therapy, but to no avail.  All of that changed when I heard about Dave and Rolfing SI.  From my first visit the pain began to subside, and by the end of my third visit I was my old self again.  Dave is professional, objective, and an amazing healer.  His understanding of the human body is awe-inspiring and his holistic approach to human anatomy works wonders.  I highly recommend him.”

Joseph, Author, age 45


Rolfing Moves You